After the 42-20 defeat to the New Orleans Saints, several reoccurring issues have become shockingly clear. The most glaring and startling trend has been the absolutely embarrassing play of the Vikings secondary.

Had Drew Brees stayed in for the entire game he would easily have thrown for 500 yards. For any quarterback to complete 80 percent of their passes in any game is a great achievement, but this has happened several times already this year to the Vikings secondary. Here are the yardages and completion percentages that opposing quarterbacks have thrown for against our defense:

Phillip Rivers - 33/48 (69%) for 335 yards
Josh Freeman - 22/31 (71%) for 243 yards
Mathew Stafford - 32/46 (70%) for 378 yards
Matt Cassel - 18/29 (62%) for 260 yards
Kevin Kolb and Richard Bartel - 23/48 (48%) for 214 yards
Jay Cutler - 21/31 (68%) for 267 yards
Aaron Rodgers - 24/30 (80%) for 335 yards
Cam Newton - 22/35 (63%) for 290 yards
Aaron Rodgers - 23/30 (77%) for 250 yards
Carson Palmer - 17/23 (74%) for 164 yards
Matt Ryan - 27/34 (79%) for 262 yards
Tim Tebow - 10/15 (67%) for 202 yards
Matthew Stafford - 20/29 (69%) for 227 yards
Drew Brees - 32/40 (80%) for 412 yards

The inability of Vikings defensive backs to cover opposing receivers has led to massive chunks of yards allowed and high completion percentages, which was alarmingly apparent against the Saints.

But perhaps the second most glaring need is offensive line. For most of the season, Vikings quarterbacks haven’t been afforded enough time to stand back in the pocket and look for open receivers. Christian Ponder has spent most games running for his life. It is interesting to note that defenses aren’t sending extra pressure. They are generating enough of a pass rush with their defensive lines to completely disrupt our offensive.

The upcoming draft is pivotal for the long-term success of the franchise. But which direction should the Vikings go? They could take left-tackle Matt Kalil, to shore up the offensive line and help give Ponder more time to throw. Or they could take cornerback Morris Claiborne, to help give respectability to a secondary that is arguably the worst in the team’s history. Neither player solves all of the team’s issues. But something needs to be done about both of these issues if the Vikings want to return to prominence anytime soon.