I was reading an article last night linking Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb, and my favorite football teams(Vikings). While this isn't the worst possible scenario for the Vikings, it gives me the impression that perhaps the team is going in a completely different direction in the draft. I wonder if the Vikings have their eyes set on a third tear guy like a Ricky Stanzi? That would not be appealing to most fans in  my opinion. If McNabb wasn't 34 years old I wouldn't mind the idea. He looked pretty bad last season as a whole, and the even though the Redskins were not very good, I'm not sure how much he has in the tank. Could we be lucky enough to get a career year from Mcnabb like we got from Favre in '09? That would be great, but can we count on it happening? If we do decide not to take a QB this season, our other draft picks had better pan out or we could look like morons. Coach Frazier has said we need to address the "franchise quarterback" issue this off-season. I will say that this is the time of year when rumors are at a surplus, so this is purely speculation. But, we'll see what direction the team chooses next Thursday.