The NFL schedule was released on Tuesday night (for whatever its worth at this point) and the Vikings surprisingly have two prime time games. A Sunday night in Chicago, and a Monday night in Green Bay. To no surprise, the league didn't put the Vikings at home in prime time at the "Crap" dome. According to the NFL, the Vikings have the 12th hardest schedule based on last seasons records. That sucks because we finished last in our division, you would think our schedule would be easier. I'm sure some of that has something to do with playing the Pack and Da' Bears twice. At first glance just going by what we saw last year I see the Vikings topping out at 8-8 this upcoming season (if there is one).

Quick thought on the Twins. Last night was a disaster and once again we rolled out a lineup that would make the '96 Twins squad look serviceable.  The Orioles had lost eight straight games, and typically that's how losing streaks are snapped, and a blowout occurs. So I'm not going to sweat it too much, but I still feel the Twins are riding close to the edge this early season. Joe Nathan looks terrible, and now our guys are passing the flu back and forth in the clubhouse. What else is next, Matt Tolbert starts Friday's opener against the Indians?