Oh it's true, the Vikings are most certainly NOT going to the playoffs this season. In fact, it's no exaggeration whatsoever, to label this Vikings campaign as a complete disaster. Let's be honest, most of us thought that the Purple would win this division easily, and make a strong run for the Super Bowl. Didn't happen, not even close.

Joe Webb, has a chance tonight, however, to pump a lot of life back into the Vikings franchise - and more importantly - the fan base. Remember how Daunte Culpepper sat for one year, and then was really good? Well, Webb has basically sat all year. There are a lot of similarities between the two, but to put it in a nutshell, Daunte had a better arm - Webb is a much better all-around athlete. Daunte had a young, hungry, and very motivated Randy Moss, a wide receiver the likes of which the Vikings don't currently possess. But Joe Webb has a chance to play with Adrian Peterson, and with apologies to Robert Smith, Culpepper NEVER had a running back like that to play with. Webb and Peterson could be very fun to watch, and potentially difficult to stop along with Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin.

If you're a Vikings fan, you should be hoping that Joe Webb looks good tonight. You should be hoping that he can be the QB of the future. If he, somehow pulls off the upset win tonight, the Joe Webb legend just might be underway.

And remember this final thought - Joe Webb is not under any pressure tonight. Expectations are extremely low, and none of the national 'experts' are picking the Vikings to beat the bears tonight. I think our guy, Joe Webb, is going to give the Bears all they can handle tonight. 19-17, Vikes win.

But then there's always the chance that Brett Favre will start tonight. In that case, 23-0 Bears, LOL!