Ultimate is perhaps the fastest growing high school sport in the country, and Central Minnesota is on the forefront of the sport's popularity.

Played with a frisbee by two sides of seven players on a soccer or football field, players complete passes to each other up the field into a 25 yard deep end zone to score points. Although players do play defense, no physical contact is allowed.

One unique feature of Ultimate is the fact that there are no referees. Cathedral Ultimate coach Matt Theisen says the kids do just fine policing themselves.

Locally, St. Cloud Cathedral boasts multiple club-level teams and  Theisen says what started as one team when he was in school ten years ago, has become a full program with nearly 70 kids playing.

Each year, St. Cloud hosts the Granite City Classic Tournament, which is typically one of the largest in the region. It is the longest running tournament in the area.

The tournament boasts not only the best teams from the metro and central Minnesota, buts also brings competition in from far and wide.

There are still three major tournaments left this season for the Cathedral Ultimate team, beginning next weekend in Hopkins.

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