NBA teams around the league, as well as fans around the country, had to notice the impressive win Sunday by the Lakers, over the Thunder. Aside from the antics of Metta World Peace, the Lakers were able to come up with a huge win in come-from-behind fashion, and clearly sent a message to the rest of the league.  They are not nearly as 'done' as many of the so called experts would have you believe.

Do you remember @ three weeks ago, when the Lakers went into San Antonio and SPANKED the Spurs without Kobe Bryant?  That was the first statement game.  Sunday's win versus Oklahoma City was the second.

Let's leave the Western Conference for a quick second, and go to the East.  It's all Miami or Chicago, period.  Nobody else in that conference even has a fighting chance, to reach the NBA Finals.  I like the young Indiana Pacers team a lot, but they're not "championship" ready, just yet.  And the; Hawks, Celtics, Knicks, Magic, etc. - give me a break!

There is no way the Bulls or the Heat will NOT represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals.

The West is much more up for grabs.

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of the San Antonio Spurs, who will most likely wind up as the #1 seed.  I am certainly not a believer in the Spurs, and wouldn't be surprised if they were given the first round boot again, actually.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have struggled down the stretch - and their youth will certainly be put to the test in the playoffs.  Still though, the Durant/Westbrook tandem is a lethal one.

There are a lot of pundits saying that the; L.A. Clippers, Memphis Grizzlies, or Denver Nuggets - all very young, exciting, fun teams to watch - have a chance to make some noise in the post season.

I haven't even mentioned the defending NBA Champs, the Dallas Mavericks - who have under achieved during this abbreviated regular season, but are ultra-dangerous with Dirk Nowitzki and company.

Did I forget anyone?  Actually, I did.

A little squad called the L.A. Lakers - featuring a guy you may have heard of, Kobe Bryant.

The Lakers have gotten their act together, albeit under the radar somewhat, over the last two months, and I believe are the team to beat in the Western conference.

L.A. has more experience than any other team it will face, by a very wide margin.  They will also have a HUGE advantage in the post, with Andrew Bynum and Pao Gasol, over anyone they will have to play.

The roll players will be good enough, they really don't have to do a whole lot.  Whatever they get from; Matt Barnes, Metta World Peace, Steve Blake, etc. - is gravy anyway.  But there is no doubt that the point guard play of Ramon Sessions, has been an enormous upgrade from what they were getting before, and probably the biggest difference in the Lakers.

And then there's Kobe - who it can't be stated enough - is ALL ABOUT DELIVERING IN THE PLAYOFFS!

Coach Brown never got a championship ring with LeBron James in Cleveland, as many suspected he might.

Don't be surprised, though, if Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, get him that ring very soon.