It was a "break even" week 5, which is OK occasionally, but that's not making money!  The 49ers and the Lions were my big winners last week, and ironically, they play each other this week in Detroit.

I really like both of those teams, so I'm going to leave that game alone.  But I've got another strong set of plays for this week, as I expect some blowouts - and a few surprises.

Speaking of surprises, I'm going to show some "Purple Pride" this week, for the first time all year!

Happy hunting, and here we go!

1) Pittsburgh Steelers (-12) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars -- The Steelers have always been a team in recent years that beats the teams badly - that they should - especially when at home.  In come the punchless Jags, with rookie QB Blaine Gabbard making his first ever road start.  Heinz Field is certainly no place for that.  The Steelers haven't gotten Rashard Mendenhall off yet (that sounds bad, I know), but this may be the week to run the ball and nurse a big first half lead.  That would be AFTER Big Ben throws three TD's in the first half, and the Steelers "D" forces some turnovers.  I think Gabbard will be a good QB some day, and was the right pick for the Jaguars.  That said - his family and loved ones are going to have a hard time sitting through this one, I'm afraid.  The only way I see it, 30-3, Steelers.

2) N.Y. Giants (-3) vs. Buffalo Bills -- The G-Men threw in a stinker (to use a horse racing phrase) last week at home against the Seahawks, especially in the 4th quarter.  That's all the more reason, though, that I think they're going to spank the still, very over-rated, Buffalo Bills.  The Bills have come up with a ton of big plays this year, on offense, defense, and special teams - to their credit.  But ALL of those - along with their 2 good wins this year (Patriots and Eagles) - came at home.  Are the Bills really among football's elite?  I say no, but if they win here, we will know that they are no fluke.  Their offense, though potent, struggles at times.  When that happens Sunday - I have a feeling that a very motivated Eli Manning - will make them pay.  This week, the Buffalo comeback falls a bit short.  27-20, Giants.

3) New England Patriots (-6.5) vs. Dallas Cowboys -- Putting your money on Tom Brady always seems like the thing to do, especially at home during the regular season.  That offense can only be stopped by it's own mishaps, especially with the recent rebirth of the running game.  In come the Cowboys, who have made a bad habit this season of blowing leads, and losing games that appeared to be in hand.  Dallas cannot run the ball, and we are sure to see a few costly, unexplainable, and probably untimely, Tony Romo interceptions.  This is all good for the Pats' "D", that once again should be able to hide any possible weakness, and get lots of pressure on Romo, by enjoying a lead provided by that Pats' "O".  The scoreboard operator will be busy in this one, and history tells us that New England will start fast, and win comfortably in the end.  41-23, Pats'.

4) Minnesota Vikings (+4) at Chicago Bears -- Skol Vikings!  The 'Purple' finally got off the mat last week, and the formula was one they should've figured out a long time ago.  Feed A.P.  If they stick with it this week, I think they've got a fantastic shot at going into Chicago and upsetting the horribly inconsistent Bears.  Chicago doesn't run well, and protects their quarterback even worse.  The Vikings pass rush is the best part of the team (other than Adrian Peterson), and they will; hit, rattle, and turnover, Jay Cutler.  The Vikings have blown leads this year to some teams with good offenses, but the Bears do not fit in that category.  If Donovan McNabb can make just a few plays to his receivers - even if it's the TE's, Shiancoe and Rudolph - this one should be tight throughout.   Vikings fans are due for some good karma, and an exciting win, for a change.  The ultra reliable Ryan Longwell wins it very, very, late.  I'm feelin' 20-17, Vikings!

5) N.Y. Jets (-7.5) vs. Miami Dolphins -- I'm not a huge 'believer' in the Jets, but Miami is quickly becoming a team to wager AGAINST, every week.  Matt Moore will be making his first start for Miami at QB, but that can't be much worse than Chad Henne was.  Too bad for them, that the Jets will be looking to show the whole country - on Monday Night Football - that they are still important in the AFC.  The jury is still out on that, but they are going to spank the Dolphins, for sure!  The Jets are more of a passing team than most people realize, and I expect Mark Sanchez to come out firing the football, aggressively.  Plus, the running game - specifically Shonn Greene - should fair well, because everyone this year has had success on the ground against the Dolphins "D".  This game will be barely watchable by mid 3rd quarter - unless you're a Jets fan.  They look the part - at least for this week, and pound the Dolphins - 34-6.

Last week: 2-2

2011 season: 12-7