If it wasn't for a late New England touchdown, we would've had a perfect week 2. I love the action in week 3 - as injuries and line-up changes begin to have a very significant impact on every Sunday's results.

There are a few "sucker bets" out there this week, so tread carefully, because all those home underdogs are not going to lose.  I found two that surely will, though (sorry Vikings and Raiders fans) - LOL - good luck in week 3.

1) New Orleans Saints (-4) vs. Houston Texans -- The Texans have played a couple of bad teams to start off the season, but they are about to get a big dose of reality Sunday in New Orleans.  Conversely, the Saints began this year against two very formidable playoff teams, each with a good defense.  The Saints put up 30 points in both games, so there's no reason to think that Drew Brees won't have a field day with the Texans.  I expect more running this week from the Saints, but I expect them to have a lead in this game, too.  Houston turnovers have not hurt them this year, but they will this week.  The Saints are about to "Go Marching" all over the Texans, 41-21.

2) Detroit Lions (-3) at Minnesota Vikings -- The Lions look like they just might be legitimate for the first time in a while, as their offense has them off to a terrific start in 2011.  That's bad news for a Minnesota team that has been plagued with inconsistency, and that has let two very winnable games slip away already.  I don't think that Adrian Peterson, by himself, can make the Vikes stay with Detroit - and I don't like the "Old, slow, very sackable Donovan McNabb vs. the Lions pass rush" match-up for the Vikes, either.  Talk about teams going in different directions.  This is another situation where one team has had the other's number for a long time - meaning the Lions certainly have an element of  'payback' somewhere in their minds, for sure.  Don't expect that Detroit offense to let up off the gas pedal one bit.  Lions win at the Metrodome, 31-17.

3) Carolina Panthers (-3) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars -- I will admit, I've been dying to find a spot where I could bet on Cam Newton.  BINGO!  The Panthers have certainly not embarrassed themselves so far this year, and now they get a bad, one-dimensional, Jacksonville squad that will have rookie Blaine Gabbert making his first ever start.  Expect more running from the Panthers this week, but Newton can make something happen on any given snap.  Like all teams this year, Carolina will "load up" on MJD - and when he gets bottled up - the Jags' will be struggling to move the ball.  It could be another week with lots of "3rd and Long's" for the Jaguars.  Not good.  Cam Cam and new Coach Ron Rivera, can smell that first win.  23-10, Panthers.

4) New York Jets (-3) at Oakland Raiders -- The Jets defense is licking it's proverbial chops, in anticipation of it's match-up this week in Oakland.  The Raiders will try to pound it out on the ground, while the Jets running game found itself last week, too.  The Raiders scored 35 points last week in Buffalo, but I think they're about to get completely shut down.  The Jets won't score too much either, but they're much more balanced offensively than Oakland.  Much like the Texans going to play the Saints this week, this is a big step UP in class for the Raiders versus the Jets.  I don't think they're quite ready.  Oakland is an 8-8 team, while the Jets may be a Super Bowl team.  This might be the ugliest game of the weekend - but that's kinda how the Jets like it.  They win, 23-7.

Last week's record, 2-1

For the season, 3-3