Concerned at all with the Twins 2-4 start?  Don't be.  The Twins are still the class of the division (though just barely, thanks to Adam Dunn's arrival in Chicago), and should enjoy some "home cookin'" on their first homestand of the year, starting tonight against the A's.

Pavano, Blackburn, and Baker, should all fair pretty well against an Oakland line-up that is predominantly right-handed.  Plus, the Twins are lucky enough to miss Oakland's best starter, Trevor Cahill, who beat Toronto yesterday.  The Royals come to Minneapolis for a quick 2-game series on Tuesday and Wednesday, then the Twins head to Tampa Bay - where the Rays have been horrible so far this year.  The next couple weeks should be good ones.

The best thing about the Twins - is that you know they are going to play the game the right way.  They don't beat themselves, and they never give up.  I hope that Minnesota baseball fans realize what a tremendous manager Ron Gardenhire is.

The crowd is going to be on fire tonight - there's no way they will lose.  It's going to be nice to see Justin Morneau back in front of the home fans.  The Twins need him to be his old self, to have any chance of making any noise in the post season.

The starting pitching concerns me over the long haul - but the pitching isn't that good for the White Sox or Tigers, either.  When healthy, the Twins line up is deeper than those teams, as well.  Oh yeah, and Joe Nathan is back.

It's going to be a good year, I promise.