The Minnesota Twins look to ride the momentum from Chicago to Boston this weekend. The Twins have won two straight, while Boston continues to massively underachieve. I don't like the match up for the Twins, because Boston's line up is so potent, even when their struggling. The Twins pitchers haven't been tearing it up so far, but have been effective at times. I am already wrong on my prediction of 1-5 on this road trip, but I'm OK with that. Exceeding my expectations is always welcome. However, I believe the Twins will only win one game this weekend, unless the line up somehow manages to get hot. I find that extremely unlikely, as we will continue to roll out a triple-a line squad. Hopefully Trevor Plouffe can add something to the offense that we didn't get from Casilla or Tolbert. Those two combined to hit .189, so it wouldn't take much for Plouffeto surpass that. Some home runs would be nice at hitter friendly Fenway Park. We have pathetic 13 Big Fly's as a team. Somewhere Ron Coomer is thinking he could hit clean up.