After losing three of four games to Tampa Bay over the weekend, the Twins head north to take on lowly Baltimore. I guess I shouldn't talk so badly of Baltimore as Minnesota isn't much better. A 5-10 start to the season has many Twins fans thinking this could be a long season, including myself. At least we aren't getting blown out, and the games are close. A positive has been the starting pitching over the last several games. The Twins got good starts against the Rays, it was the bullpen that was the problem. So bad in fact, that Joe Nathan asked to be removed from the closers roll! The offense is still putrid, and the lineup they put together yesterday made the Pittsburgh Pirates laugh. The one thought I keep having is yes we are still in last place, but Cleveland and Kansas City are in first and second. There is zero chance that those two teams stay in that position all season. So I will sit and wait, hoping that this is the week the twins get close to the .500 mark. A four game series in Baltimore should see a split, and then two wins over Cleveland on the weekend would be ideal. We start with Francisco Liriano on the hill tonight, let's cross our fingers.