Through 18 games of the 2011 MLB season, the Twins sit at an uncharacteristic 6-12. The past two nights I could only muster up the "strength" to sit through an inning or two per game. Even though last nights game was competitive, it was uninteresting. The Twins are rolling out a spring training line up, that is not by choice at this point. They can't pitch, and it's frustrating to watch. April has been an awful month to the Twins, as they've lost Nishioka to injury, Baby Jesus (Mauer) to a strange viral infection, and now a bad strain of the flu seems to be hitting the clubhouse. It seems unlikely that the team can put together a respectable finish to the month. To be fair to the hitters, the pitching staff has been terrible to this point. I said coming into the season that our starting five is worst ten in baseball, and not many believed me. They can't get guys out, and they are allowing free passes like they're a good thing. If the Twins can't get two of three from Cleveland this weekend, we could be looking at a ten game deficit to start May. YIKES!!