Slated to a 1-0 lead in the ninth inning Friday night, Matt Capps once again failed to protect it, giving up a 2 run homerun to Royal’s rookie Eric Hosmer, and costing Nick Blackburn and the Twins yet another win.

Capps' inability to shut the door at the end of games has me wondering when Joe Nathan will be ready to step back into the closer’s role.

Capps has always been a pitcher that for the most part pitches to contact, something that can end up costing a closer more often then it helps him. Granted there are exceptions to this, but successful closers usually have at least one pitch they can rely on for strike-outs. Based on what Joe Nathan has been doing recently in the 8th inning, I think it is time to get him back into the closer role.

If the Twins are going to turn their season around and get back to the top of the division standings, they need to know they can count on the last pitcher out of the bullpen. And with Matt Capps continuing to flounder, he simply can’t be counted on to get the job done.

Looks like it's Joe Nathan time once again.