Denard Span is not your conventional lead-off hitter.

You could certainly make the argument that he is a better #2 hitter in the line up.

He doesn't steal nearly as many bases as we would like, and when he does run - it sure seems like he gets thrown out a lot!

His career on base percentage is OK - but for his career he has more strikeouts, than walks.

There are some in the Twins organization that have hinted they would rather he play left or right field, instead of center field.

Lets face it, the Twins haven't been winning much the last two seasons, and many are looking for a scapegoat at every possible turn.

But Denard Span is no scapegoat - in fact, he is a REAL Minnesota Twin!

He was drafted with the 20th overall pick in 2002, by the Twins.  He has always been one of Gardy's guys, for sure.  Plus, he is cheap - only making $3 Million for 2012 - he could make triple that elsewhere.

He's got some attitude that many don't recognize - I love that - especially in your guy that has to get things started!  He has a little more "pop" in his bat than many give him credit for.  He is streaky, but when he is hot, I'll take him over any lead off hitter in the game.  He is a fantastic base runner, with excellent speed.  He is a smart ball player, and in the very prime of his career right now, at age 28.

By all accounts he is a great teammate, and a great guy, and he has certainly become a fan favorite.  He seems to have his head on straight, has never gotten into any kind of trouble with the law, and claims to love it in Minnesota.

I understand that the Twins do not have a lot of tradable players on the current roster, and I understand that Ben Rivere has been playing very well.

The only way I would trade Span is if the Twins were to get a VERY GOOD STARTING PITCHER in return, no exceptions!

Unless some team makes us that offer - I say we keep Denard Span - give him a few more million for the next few years, and just let him do his thing!