The Timberwolves dramatically improved their team this week with the official signing of point guard Ricky Rubio and the drafting of forward Derrick Williams Thursday night.  Rubio may not help as much as we hope but his court vision and unselfish nature can only help any team.  Williams is considered by many to be a tweener.

He's an undersized power forward but may not be quick enough to play small forward.  Those that watched Arizona play in the NCAA tournament this season had to be impressed by Williams' ability to get to the basket and hit outside shots.  Williams strikes me as a good basketball player and the Wolves need good basketball players.

Whoever coaches the team in 2011-2012 will need to find a way to get production out of Williams, Kevin Love and Michael Beasley despite all 3 of them playing the same positions.  Time will tell on whether this works but Williams represented too much talent for the Wolves to pass on at #2.