Miami Takes Control With Big Home Win!
I believe I called this one.
Most people in the basketball world, or with any knowledge of the game - picked the Oklahoma City Thunder to win this series.  Kevin Durant has emerged as the most dangerous offensive player in the game, for sure...
I’ll Take Miami, And Lebron – To Beat The Young ‘Thunder’!
I have done a complete 180 on this one, for sure.
Last week, and for much of this season really, I have been hyping up Oklahoma City, and not giving much credit to the Miami Heat.  And now, here they are, meeting in the NBA Finals.
The Thunder have been super-impressive this post season - making short…
OKC – A New Dynasty In The West!
It will be hard for the Oklahoma City Thunder to rule the NBA's Western Conference for the next decade - or the foreseeable Kevin Durant era - but I wouldn't bet against it.
Last night, they impressively put away the veteran Spurs, to advance to their first ever NBA Finals...
A Changing Of The Guard In The Western Conference!
Nothing lasts forever.
You can't win 'em all.
Feel free to add your favorite cliche right here, especially if you are one of the many "Laker Haters" we have here in Minnesota.
Last night, the Oklahoma City Thunder finished off the surprisingly mistake-prone L...