Vikings Had A Fantastic Draft!
I have been accused of being more negative, than positive, at times - especially when it comes to our Minnesota sports teams.
But let's be honest, right now is NOT a great time to be a sports fanatic in Minnesota.  All of our professional teams are, shall we say, worse than most, in their r…
Ty James’ Week 6 NFL Locks!
It was a "break even" week 5, which is OK occasionally, but that's not making money!  The 49ers and the Lions were my big winners last week, and ironically, they play each other this week in Detroit.
I really like both of those teams, so I'm going to leave that game a…
Ty James’ Week 4 NFL Locks
Only the Jets let me down last week - as we crushed the bookmaker with three solid, easy winners.  I love the action this week - as I will try to nail my first "5-pack" in a while.
This is the time of the season that the real contenders, start separating themselves from the &am…