Krissy Krabtree

Really? Why Would You Turn Your Lights Off?
A week or two ago, I was driving to work and it was extremely foggy outside. It was the kind of fog that made it nearly impossible to see. Just as I was thinking how difficult it would be to notice other cars if they didn't have their lights on, the car that was behind me for most of …
Really, Splash and Dash?
As someone who’s a borderline, compulsive hand-washer, one of the things that grosses me out the most is when people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom.
Really, Snow Covered Cars?
To the jerk-off driving in front of me on the way home yesterday,
Clean the snow off your car, fool! The whole way home it was pow, pow, pow…dodging snow chunks. It was like my own personal blizzard coming at me every 10 seconds.
Really? Still With The Christmas Lights?
I was out taking my pup for a walk through my neighborhood last night and I saw six houses with Christmas lights still lit up. Six! There’s always one dumbass in every neighborhood that keeps them up for way too long, but six?! Come on!
Really? What’s With the High Beams?
For some reason I’m noticing this more and more lately. I’m on the interstate or highway and the car behind me has their high beams on. Are drivers getting dumber? Isn't it common sense that you don’t drive up on someone or drive on the …
Really, Store Savings Cards?
Have you noticed how every store now has some sort of reward or savings program? Soon your purse or wallet will be packed with nothing but cards and numbers and you feel like you can’t shop at a store without having the “Rewards Card”...
Really? Who Doesn’t Lock the Restroom Door?
The best thing that’s happened to my workplace in a long time is when a co-worker walked in on another co-worker sitting on the toilet. To make it even better, this bathroom is just a one toilet room that’s basically in the middle of a huge cubicle area...

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