I might be the only one left in Minnesota that considers themselves an avid T' Wolves fan, so I have a suggestion for management.  It may seem a bit harsh, but here goes.  TRADE THE RIGHTS TO RICKY RUBIO - ASAP!

I'll admit, it is not fair to blame the Timberwolves horrible last few seasons on a young man who has never even set foot in Minnesota.  The real problem is that the guy calling the shots for the team, David Kahn, is a stubborn idiot - who doesn't really appear to know much about basketball.  The T' Wolves will have to win in spite of him - which won't be easy for Coach Rambis and his staff.  But back to Rubio.

The T' Wolves have a few decent pieces to the puzzle.  Kevin Love is currently the centerpiece.  Anthony Randolph and Wes Johnson are favorites of mine.  Michael Beasley, at times, can score on anyone.  But that's really about all they have.

Someone will want the rights to Ricky Rubio.  Trade him for the best draft pick, player, or even 'future considerations', that we can get.  The alternative is to get nothing.  He doesn't want to play in Minnesota, that should be painfully obvious to all.  He would've already been here if he wanted to be.

But that's OK, because he's not going to be any good, anyway!  He is a little guy, but he's NOT fast.  He plays NO defense.  He is a TERRIBLE outside shooter.  And, by all accounts, he is somewhat of a prima donna.  And David Kahn LOVES him.  Go figure.

Ricky Rubio averages; 9 points, 9 assists, and 3 turnovers per game....in SPAIN!  IN SPAIN, PEOPLE!  How does that translate to the NBA?  I'll tell you.  Zero points, zero assists, and a boatload of turnovers and bad possessions.

Yeah - let's trade that!

The Timberwolves are all but assured a very good player on draft day, maybe even the #1 pick.  They could probably trade Rubio's rights for at least one more pick, or a player.

The first step in changing the T' Wolves franchise around, is acquiring players that actually want to be here.  Let me rephrase that - "good" players that want to be here.