The Minnesota State High School League is adding a "Super Class" for high school football starting in 2012.  This 6A classification consists of the top 32 enrollments in the state.  It includes schools such as Eden Prairie and Wayzata and even includes Brainerd.  Brainerd is the lone outstate school that fits into this class.  Is this good for the state?  It's good for the school like St. Cloud Tech that couldn't realistically compete with Eden Prairie and Wayzata but bad for school's like Brainerd who are the 29th ranked enrollment.  I'm usually against adding classes in high school sports but understand the reasoning for separating the top enrollment schools with what was the lower enrollment schools in class 5A.  Now if the state can just eliminate 1 or 2 classes in basketball, 1 class in hockey, and 1 class in baseball we'll have something.  I'm not holding my breath.