SAUK RAPIDS - This week our All-Star Student comes from the Sauk-Rapids Rice Middle School. Staci Meyer has been a member of student council since she was in elementary school, and she has continued her involvement throughout middle school.

Staci Meyer, All-Star Student of the Week
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON News)

Staci says, "It just seemed like a good opportunity to do because you get to lead and you get to make decisions for the students here at the school."

Sauk Rapids-Rice Middle School Student Council co-adviosor, Julie Meyer (no relation), can only speak highly of Staci.

"She is also very motivated and positive. She doesn't complain, works well with other people," says Julie. 

Staci has been able to achieve great things while being a member of student council. She shared one of her favorite achievements while being a member.

We've been doing the food drive, and I think that's probably our biggest achievement. We've made a lot of money the last two years, so that's really been good.

Between school and student council meetings, Staci still finds time to participate in sports.

Well I do volleyball, and I'm a left side hitter. I like doing that. I do basketball and softball. I just like being involved in activities. I like to not have any down time. I like to always be going.

Staci Meyer, All-Star Student of the Week
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON News)

Staci says she gets her on the move personality from her brother and sister, who she had to follow around during all of their activities when she was younger.

"My sister, and my brother did all three, so I kind of learned from them, and I just manage my time," says Staci. 

"I think she's learned that from her family through example. Her family is a very involved family. So they've learned how to manage their time," says Meyer

Over all Meyer says Staci is a true leader.

She's just a great student. We're really happy to have her on student council leading the way. She leads with spirit, and enthusiasm.

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