The St. Cloud Area Roller Dolls or SCAR DOLLS are a St. Cloud/Sartell based Women's Flat Track Roller Derby team. The SCAR dolls play their home games, known as Bouts, at Bernicks Arena in Sartell.

The sport is played by two teams of five people skating around a track. Each team fields a lone designated scoring player known as a jammer.

A team must simultaneously block the other team's jammer from scoring by lapping them, while helping their own jammer to score.

The Scar Dolls team is made up from women from all across Central Minnesota according to Betsy Johnson.

Johnson says that the players come from diverse backgrounds. Many have played organized sports in the past but there are some players with less experience, too.

The Scar Dolls have gotten some pretty big crowds are Bernicks Arena already this season, and have seen all types of people in the stands.

The team is back home in a couple of weeks for a bout at Bernicks.

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