The Sweet 16 gets underway tonight in Men's College basketball, and with it comes some very intriguing match-ups. I'll just hit on tonight's games for now.

UConn taking on San Diego State will be interesting because Kemba Walker is playing out of his mind right now for the Huskies. He led them to five wins in five days just three weeks ago and hasn't slowed down since. San Diego state won it's first ever tournament game this season, and with their physical play down low they could present some challenges for a young Connecticut team. With that said, I still like UConn to win in that match-up tonight.

BYU and Florida could be the most intersting matchup of the night as "The Jimmer" tries to continue his heroics and lead his team to the Elite 8. Florida has played well so far in the tournament and could cause some problems for BYU on offense. I've been high on BYU since the middle of the season, and I'll stick to my guns on this one tonight as well.

Duke and Arizona could be an up and down, fast-tempo game as both teams like to get out and run on offense. I like these kinds of games in college basketball and feel this one could go into the 80's before the final buzzer sounds. I look for Duke to pull away in this one in the last five minutes of the game and win by ten points.

In the final game, Wisconsin and Butler, I feel Wisconsin will win that game (that's just gross for me to say) because of their defense. The teams matchup well at all postitions. If Butler forward Matt Howard gets in early foul trouble look for Wisconsin to take advantage in the post with Jon Leuer.

I'm excited to tune into the games tonight, I think they will provide some great excitment and some interesting finishes. Hopefully the referees don't blow a big call tonight!