COLD SPRING - Jordan Barth is a sophomore at ROCORI High School. He just got back from competing at the IRF XXVI World Junior Racquetball Championships in Columbia. There he took the gold medal in Racquetball.

Jordan Barth
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

"I have a lot of fun doing it. It's like a single sport so if I lose it's on me. If I win it's on me. It's just more of a singles sport," says Barth.

Barth has been playing racquetball since a young age, and grew up playing with his uncle, Jason Krantz.

"It's pretty cool for me when I know that I can, or had a big part in helping him out," says Krantz, "It's nice to know, especially when I'm there he's always asking my advice even though he's a lot better player than I am."

Barth has now won 18 gold medals between national competitions and world competitions.

"It's a lot of fun. Nationals and Worlds are two different atmospheres. Going to worlds you got everybody in your country wanting you to get the gold medal," says Barth.

Krantz says, "I've gone with him every year to the junior national tournament, and that's since he was eight years old. So we've been all over the country for that. So it's really cool. And every year since he's been eight years old he's won his division."

Jordan Barth
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

Krantz and Barth say the competition at these tournaments is a really big deal.

"That's all they play is racquetball," says Krantz, "That's their sport year round, and that's what they do. These kids that come from other countries are very gifted athletes, so it's a real big deal when some of them are already playing on different pro tours, and Jordan has played them already in the past."

Barth says, "After school, they go to the racquetball club. So that's like Mexico, Bolivia, and then Costa Rica is beginning to be our next competitor as USA. But usually we are in the top three as a team there."

That feeling is probably the greatest of them all.

Overall, Barth says he's proud to represent his country.

Before we let this week's All-Star Student go, we wanted to find out what his mindset was when he steps onto the court. He says, "Get to fifteen before them."

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