No one is forced to participate in Halloween, right? You could’ve easily left your outside lights off and you shouldn't have been bothered. However, if you chose to hand out candy last week or some sort of treat to kids, how about NOT handing out broccoli and carrots!?

And yes, I like to eat healthy too and maybe that’s you what you thinking when you decided to hand this out, but I doubt it. When the candy bag is dumped out and a piece of broccoli and a carrot fall out of the bag, unwrapped by the way, you must realize that sh*t is going straight into the garbage! Unwrapped? I mean seriously? No one in their right mind would let their kids eat anything unwrapped, let alone a piece of broccoli.

I’m guessing it was either a joke by someone or it was some little old lady who wasn't sure what she was handing out. If it was an old lady, I’ll let it slide. If it was just some punk being an ass, maybe leave your lights out next year and I have a different idea what you can do with your broccoli!