We all have a person like this at our workplace, right? Someone who is annoying yet can be funny, but basically just acts like a complete jackass. This person is sometimes a cubemate or someone you have to share an office with, but in my case it’s the guy about 10 feet away from me on the other side of the wall.

Here are my top 10 reasons I want to kick my co-worker’s ass on a daily basis:

10. He talks in a fake Italian accent.

9. He tries to invite himself  to people’s houses for dinner.

8. He pretends to open or kick-in an invisible door to my office.

7. He adds an “S” onto words that don’t need to have an “S”.

6. When I light a candle, he acts like he’s freezing and warms his hands over the candle.

5. He begs me for office supplies that he doesn’t need.

4. He always interrupts conversations and thinks he needs to be a part of everything.

3. He makes up stories and tells them to people who actually believe him.

2. He holds up a piece of plastic outside my office and pretends he’s looking at me through a window.

And the number one reason I want to seriously kick his ass:

1. His catch phrase is “Kick It”.