I’m not actually sure why this question bothers me so much, but when the store clerk asks me if I want my milk in a bag, I want to end my life. Every time it’s, “Milk in a bag? Milk in a bag?” “Yes, yes! Always milk in a bag and quit this charade of asking me already!”

Why is this such a big frickin’ deal anyway? I don’t remember this question always being asked. Probably some numbnut decided he didn't want his milk in a bag one day and from then on out, everyone better be asked this stupid question. I mean, think about. A milk jug has condensation and you put the milk in your car, without a bag, it will pick up any crap that’s on your car floor. Once you get home, you put it in the fridge and Bam! All that junk is being dragged from your car into your refrigerator. Gross.

Anyway, back in the store, you get to the point where the clerk is done asking about the milk and ringing everything up, and then you’re asked, “Is that everything?” “No, you forgot all this invisible sh*t.” Come on!