I was out driving a lot this past weekend and since it was one of the last beautiful weekends, it was clear everyone was anxious to get outside. I’m driving down the interstate, in the Right lane by the way; no Left lane cruising on my watch, and I notice this vehicle pulling a trailer.

On the trailer is a four-wheeler and next to that is a jet-ski. On the back of the vehicle there are two bicycles and on top of the vehicle is a canoe.

So here’s how I see it: You pile all this stuff on your vehicle, drive a bit up the road, get out and take all this stuff off of your vehicle, drive around on these things for a while, put it all back on your vehicle and drive back home. Hmm, ok interesting.

For me, just looking at all this stuff made me exhausted, so I pulled into the nearest rest area, reclined the seat and took a nap.