I work with a guy who’s a real asshat. King A$$hole I call him and he seems to be proud of it. He recently cut his hours so he pretty much comes and goes as he pleases. Lately, he’s been arriving at work sometime in the afternoon or whenever.

Even though you shouldn't, you know how sometimes if you’re going to run into work or somewhere really quickly, you just pull up to the front of the building, run in and leave again. Well, this guy comes in at maybe 1pm, parks as close has he can get to the building, without driving through the door, in the fire lane. He’ll park there even if there is an open spot that’s just as close in the actual parking lot. The worst thing about it is he stays at work for 3 or 4 hours! He’s not just running in and taking off again.

And some people tell me King A$$hole is too harsh of a nickname?! I think not.