Viking running back Adrian Peterson is an incredible talent but with a lack of a passing game and especially a depth threat Peterson will see 8 man fronts this season.  Peterson averaged 4.6 yards a carry last season with an off and on deep threat down field.  The question marks on the offensive line have to be a concern too.  Charlie Johnson at left tackle, John Sullivan at center and whoever wins the right guard spot are the weakest links.  That's not even taking into account an older Steve Hutchinson.

Peterson is only 26 and should still be at the peak of his game but he will be focused on more this season than the last 2 years when Favre was the quarterback.  McNabb presents a better threat to beat an 8-man box situation with a deep pass but who will beat man to man coverage on the outside?  Michael Jenkins hasn't done is consistently while in Atlanta and Bernard Berrian can't get separation.