There are four weeks left in the NFL's regular season.  Then five more weeks until someone is crowned the next Super bowl Champ.  I'm not sure who will win the Super Bowl this season - but I am sure that it will be one of the following 4 teams; Patriots, Steelers, Saints, Eagles.  That's it.  No other teams are even in the conversation.

I admit, I am bitter about my two favorite teams (Vikings & Chargers) being enormous disappointments this year.  And I can see how fans of the Falcons, Packers, Bears, and Jets would disagree with me, especially the case for Atlanta.  Here's my case AGAINST Atlanta - even though their record is so good at home, AND they might get home field advantage - a lot of those games were real, real close.  They've been lucky to an extent, period.  I would put big money on either of my other two NFC teams, as underdogs in the NFC Championship Game in Atlanta.

The Eagles are absolutely going to be a post season factor.  How ironic would it be, if Michael Vick was given the chance to go to the Super Bowl - by beating his old team! They have the big play ability on BOTH sides of the ball.  The defending world champs, the Saints, are the other team I like in NFC.  Drew Brees is the best quarterback in the league at playing "mistake free" football, and with his compliment of receivers, as well as the emergence of running back Chris Ivory, they can be unstoppable.

Speaking of unstoppable, the New England Patriots appear to be well on their way to another long post season run.  Tom Brady has always been great, and it has never mattered who his receivers are.  They too, have a rejuvenated running attack, making their offense dangerous AND unpredictable.  If anyone in the AFC has a chance to beat the Patriots in Foxboro, I can only offer you the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Steelers "D" is unbelievably good, led by Troy Polamalu, but with standouts everywhere.  On offense, Ben Roethlisberger is not always pretty to watch, but he always does just enough to win.  That's what great QB's do - one way or another - they win.

So enjoy the big game, and remember, there is always next year - if you're not from Philadelphia, New Orleans, New England, or Pittsburgh.  My's going to be an "all Pennsylvania" affair.  Eagles 27, Steelers 23.  You heard it here first.