It will be hard for the Oklahoma City Thunder to rule the NBA's Western Conference for the next decade - or the foreseeable Kevin Durant era - but I wouldn't bet against it.

Last night, they impressively put away the veteran Spurs, to advance to their first ever NBA Finals.  They will await the Heat/Celtics winner - which could be the Celtics if they win at home tonight in Game 6.  If Miami wins tonight, Game 7 would be Saturday night in Miami.

The Thunder match-up very well against either of those teams, and I would favor them over either one.  The formula for success in Oklahoma City, is one that Timberwolves fans should take note of.  And it is one that true basketball fans are familiar with.

I am referring to the concept of the "3 headed-monster".

Durant, Westbrook, and Harden.  Rondo, Garnett, and Pierce.  Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili.

Isaiah, Dumars, and Laimbeer.

Magic, Kareem, and Worthy.

Bird, Parish, and McHale.

You need the superstar.  That is the most important element.  You need your Michael Jordan, or your Kobe Bryant - granted, your superstar probably isn't that good.  Also note; Jordan/Pippen and Shaq/Kobe were dynamic duos, not trios, but they had good shooters around them.

And you NEED that shooter!  You NEED that guy that every opposing team knows will SHOOT THE LIGHTS OUT if he is left open.  Nowadays, you have to have that shooter that puts the fear of God in the other team when he is anywhere near the three point line.

And you need the point guard.  This is your 'quarterback' - the guy that runs the show.  The best ever "traditional" style point guard was Isaiah Thomas; Little, fast, fearless, great defensively, could get to the basket whenever he wanted off the dribble, could shoot from distance, and got teammates involved.  A true leader and champion.

My favorite player ever, Magic Johnson, played point guard, too.  But Magic was 6'9" and could play all five positions on the floor, causing constant and impossible match-up problems for opposing squads.

The Timberwolves have the superstar scorer, in Kevin Love.  The point guard of the future is in place as well, with Ricky Rubio.  Let's add a shooter to the mix, and we'll be in the playoffs before you know it!

But probably still looking up at OKC!