There will never be anyone like Dennis Rodman. One of the more memorable athletes of our time, is going into the basketball Hall Of Fame. There are a lot of folks that didn't want him in. But his contributions to the game, his consistent work ethic, his uncanny rebounding ability, and his personality, all make him an absolute "MUST" for basketball immortality.

It's easy to forget just how dominant he was. There have only been two players in NBA history, who could dominate a game WITHOUT SCORING A SINGLE POINT. The first was Bill Russell - the second was Dennis Rodman.

Rodman led the league in rebounding for 7 straight years ('92-'98). He was an All-Star twice, and was the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year twice, as well.

Most importantly, Rodman was an instrumental part of 5 NBA Championships. The first two with the Pistons during the "Bad Boys" era - then three more in the 90's with Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls.

Rodman was, above all else, a character. People will always remember him for the wild hair colors, the tattoos, and the piercings. Some will remember his very public affairs with; Madonna, Carmen Electra, and Pamela Anderson.

Did you know that Dennis Rodman went on tour with Pearl Jam for a month, in 1992. He and Eddie Vedder remain good friends to this day. Rolling Stone asked him who he would want to meet if he could, anyone, dead or alive. His answer was, "Kurt Cobain - that little dude rocks my f*ckin' world!"

I told you he was cool. Congrats on making the Hall of Fame, Dennis.