The NFL lockout case is causing more confusion than my 8th grade math class (yes I'm horrible at math). After the ruling yesterday it appears that players, coaches, and especially the fans have no clue what is going on. Players were showing up at their team facilities and not being allowed to work out. Then there were players showing up and not even allowed in the building! One Giants player was allowed to actually work out, and even talked to his coaches during his time at the facility. Why is this becoming so confusing? And why does every ruling that comes down needs to have so much legal talk to it that everyday Joe's like myself, need a legal analyst sitting next to us explaining what just happened? The sport that I am most passionate about has become a mess, and I will admit it is sucking the fun out of it. The draft is almost here and that will allow some escape from the lockout, but teams can not sign their picks anyways so it seems strange at this point. We need Judge Nelson to get this ruling correct, so we can get on with the off season as it is meant to be. When all of the talk about my favorite sport is negative for three months, it really takes the fun out of being a fan. We'll see what Judge Nelson has in store for us today.