The NFL Draft starts tonight at 7 pm. I've been mulling on the draft for about 6 weeks now and I gotta admit it's nice to have it finally arrive. I'm starting to get a gut feeling that we are going to see numerous surprises  tonight, and guys are not going to be drafted where they have been "slotted" to go. I am questioning whether the Panthers will take Cam Newton, and if they don't, how different the draft could be. Will Julio Jones somehow fall to us at 12? That would be awesome, and even though it isn't our top priority, you have to take the best player on your board. Will a quarterback somehow slip close enough to twelve, and get the Vikings to trade up three or four spots to nab Blaine Gabbert. I don't believe the Vikings will take a QB at twelve. I don't feel like they have anyone rated high enough to take at that spot. It will be interesting to watch tonight, and with the players getting Judge Nelson to rule in their favor for a second time this week, my "itch" for the NFL is starting to return.