The first weekend of the NCAA tournament came through for basketball fans across the country. Buzzer beaters and other late game heroics led to some memorable moments. None crazier than the Pitt-Butler game, where two fouls in the last two seconds of the game led to one of the craziest finishes you''ll ever see in a game. Although my tournament bracket looks like one of my math papers in college, I can live with it since the games have provided me with so much excitement. In my opinion, the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament is the best weekend in sports.

Moving into the round of 16, we have some surprise teams that should make for some great games  beginning Thursday evening. I think Ohio State is hands down the favorite to win the "ship." I'm looking forward to other match-ups as well including UCONN taking on San Diego State, and Kansas vs. Richmond, which will be interesting since you'll have the Cinderella factor with Richmond. Duke and Arizona could be a battle as well, as Arizona has proved to be a tough out as sophomore forward Derrick Williams is having his coming out party for the nation to see. Another Cinderella story is VCU, who was widely regarded as joke entering the field of 68, has proved to be worthy of the at-large bid they received. They have pummeled their three opponents including third seeded Purdue by 18 points. I'm looking forward to watching the games this weekend and I can only hope the drama stays at a high level.