In a game that very few (and I mean almost nobody) predicted three weeks ago, UConn and Butler will face off tonight in the Men's Championship game.

UConn hasn't lost it what seems like forever, and Butler defied all the odds and returns to the title game for the second straight season. It will be an interesting match-up, and there will be great guard play from both teams tonight.

I look for it to be a low scoring affair tonight; somewhere in the upper 50's is what I believe will be the outcome.

I have Butler winning the game and hoisting the trophy, even though UConn looks very much like an unstoppable team over the last three weeks. I think Matt Howard will once again find a way to get it done for Butler, and the defense of the Bulldogs will do enough to keep Kemba Walker in check.

It could be a night where an unlikely hero emerges from the victorious team, and does something that nobody saw coming.