The Twins lost again last night (shocker) but decided to do so in an unusual fashion. They were actually competitive! The pitching staff held the Boston line up to just two runs in 11 innings last night. The Twins had numerous chances to win the game, but every time the team would get a rally going, a triple-A player would come to the plate. It was quite a sad game to watch, and you can see the frustration setting in on the veteran players faces. I'm not going to let the veterans off the hook however, because they are equally to blame for the Twins record. The Twins have now "re-claimed" the worst record in the league, as they play host to the red hot Detroit Tigers tonight at Target Field. We will not see Justin Verlander, or Max Scherzer in this two game series, so we'd better win them both. Although it's only May, the window is slowly closing for the Twins. If you fall too far back, it doesn't matter who you're chasing in the standings, it becomes a very difficult task to complete.