I believe I called this one.

Most people in the basketball world, or with any knowledge of the game - picked the Oklahoma City Thunder to win this series.  Kevin Durant has emerged as the most dangerous offensive player in the game, for sure.  Russell Westbrook is huge for a point guard, and lightening fast.  James Harden provides instant offense, and the rest of the team are all very good role players.

But the Miami Heat have Lebron James, a motivated Dwyane Wade, and a semi-healthy Chris Bosh - and that is proving to be enough.  Plus, veteran Shane Battier has been shooting lights out from behind the three point line, giving Miami some much needed outside shooting.

Mario Chalmers always plays very hard, even when not shooting very well.  The Heat are also getting good, and unexpected, contributions from; Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem, and James Jones.

The most important factor of this series now, may be that the next two games are in Miami, and the Heat have a chance to win the championship at home, by the end of the week.

The Heat came up clutch in the 4th quarter in game 3.  Lebron James has effectively become the point guard for the Miami offense, and with every offensive possession starting with the ball in his hands, Miami should be in good shape.

Don't be surprised if, when the Thunder fly home Friday - it's not for game 6, it's because this series is over.  The Thunder are young, and very good.  But now is not their time.

Now is Lebron's time....