I don't know about you, but after last night's no-hitter from Francisco Liriano in Chicago, I've got full blown 'TWINS FEVER' again.

I know they're still in last place.  I know their best player, Joe Mauer, is still out.  They are also missing Delmon Young, right now.  The line up is incredibly weak when;  Casilla, Tolbert, Tosoni, and Butera are all in it.  Embarrassingly weak!

But after last night, I've got a good feeling about the rest of the season.  The effort by Liriano last night, has to inspire the rest of the starting staff.  It should inspire everyone, actually, but especially the pitchers.  The formula for success is not a complicated one for twins pitchers; change speeds, and keep the ball down.  Every Twins starter needs to adhere to that; Baker, Duensing, Blackburn, Pavano, etc.  None of them are overpowering, but they can all be effective.

If the starting pitching shapes up, the Twins will be fine.  Hopefully in the near future, we will be able to assemble the line-up that we've wanted from opening day; Span, Nishioka, Mauer, Morneau, Cuddyer, Thome, Young, Valencia, and whoever at shortstop.

That's a formidable line-up.

Remember, the division appears to be weak.  The teams currently in front, are young and unproven.  In recent years, the Twins have dominated these teams in their division.

I strongly believe that the Twins 2011 resurgence - began last night in Chicago.