Out with the old (style of basketball) and in with the new Timberwolves!

The T-Wolves started the long holiday weekend with a statement against the Miami Heat and LeBron James. I was fortunate enough to have a firsthand experience of the King James Show.  Before the game, the players come out for a pre-game shoot around and sign a few items.

Not LeBron.

Most of the players talk to the media before the game.

Not LeBron.

Most people blend in with the rest of players.

Not LeBron!

LeBron James showcased his talents on Friday night at the Target Center, but was met by a feisty Timberwolves squad that nearly took down the King.  Ricky Rubio and crew gave the Heat ALL they could handle. It came down to the end, and the fans, including my 7-year-old son at his first pro basketball game, were on pins and needles. The banter of “where’s your rings LeBron” and “take your talents somewhere else” echoed through the crowd. The Big Three of James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade proved to be too much this night, but James took note of a bright future that the Wolves have in Rubio, Love and company.

And on a lighter note, since LeBron was visiting the State of Hockey, I thought it would be apropos to ask how King James would fare on the rink.

And what came of the momentum the Timberwolves gained in the tight Friday Night Affair with the Heat…how about a win over the defending champion Dallas Mavericks and the ever powerful San Antonio Spurs to ring in the New Year!

So as the Wolves turn the calendar year, it is quite obvious they have also turned another page.  It might be too early to re-write the books, but if they are re-written, be sure to bookmark this weekend!

-- Joe Erickson, contributing writer