BECKER - This week our All-Star Student of the Week has been active both in sports, and around the community of Becker. Zack Moeller is a senior at Becker High School. Mark Kolbinger is the Assistant Principal at the school. He says Zack is a quite leader, but still leads by example.

Zack Moeller
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

"Just kind of got that infectious personality, people like to be around him, and he's been a real good leader for us at our school," says Kolbinger.

Zack is a member of the Becker basketball team. He has been playing basketball all of his life, and has grown to be a senior leader on the court.

"Ninth grade you always look at the varsity guys", says Zack, "Their so much better. I want to be like them, and to progress through the years and actually be that guy, and be the leader on the court, and have the ninth graders and underclassmen look up to me, feels really good."

Josh Ihrke is the head coach for the Becker Bulldogs. He says Zack is one of those guys that you love having on the floor.

"Every day, no matter what's gone on previous days or games, he comes in, works hard, never complains, and is always trying to get better," says Ihrke.

But Zack's athletic experience doesn't stop there. He was approached by the soccer coach, and asked to join the soccer team.

"He's just got such a great character, and a great personality that our soccer coach approached him this year, and asked him to come out for the team," says Kolbinger, "and he ended up being the starting goalie."

This was Zack's first year going out for soccer. At first he wasn't sure if he was going to play, but in the end decided to give it a try. Coach Ihrke says that's just the kind of kid Zack is.

"He loves being a part of that team. He finds that role. He might not be the complete, number one, stand out guy on any team, but he always finds that role, and really uses athleticism, and really his intelligence to make sure that he makes the plays that he needs to do," says Ihrke.

Zack Moeller
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

Zack enjoyed his time in soccer, and looks forward to his senior year of basketball, along with all of the other activities he's involved in.

"I'm in NHS, so I volunteer a lot for that all over the place. I'm also a senior leader so I go in to the freshman advisories and I lead them, help them get acclimated to the school. Then at church I like to get involved with my youth group," says Zack.



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