The T' Wolves season took a bit of a nosedive when Ricky Rubio became injured, and out for the year.

The fact still remains, though, that the future is very bright assuming Rubio comes back healthy.

He is young, and not seemingly injury prone - so that is a safe assumption.

Now imagine the Timberwolves starting line-up next season.......with a; healthy, happy, motivated, and (most importantly) single, Lamar Odom.

That would be; Pekovic, Love, Odom, Rubio, and Ridnour (or Wes Johnson).  I like it.  No, I love it as a Timberwolves fan.

Pekovic, Love, and Odom - could potentially be the BEST FRONT LINE IN THE NBA.  Think about that....

Lamar Odom is going through some tough emotional times right now, not the least of his problems is an unhappy marriage to a Kardashian, not exactly a shocker!  He will be infinitely happier when he is divorced, and that, by all accounts, will be soon.  Then, he will be ready to "ball" again.

Don't forget, this guy is a champion.  Yes, he was on some great Lakers teams, led by Kobe Bryant, but he was Kobe's right hand man for three of those championships.  It wasn't that long ago that he was constantly being compared to Scottie Pippen's role with those great Chicago teams, with Kobe playing the part of M.J.

Like Scottie Pippen - his game is versatile.  Lamar Odom can do a lot of things.  He is a great defender with his 6'11" length, he can score in the paint or from the perimeter.  He can create his own shot, or he can create shots for others.  He is a great passer and rebounder.

A few years ago, Kobe Bryant missed almost five weeks of the season in February and March.  The result; the Lakers went 15-2 in his absence - guess who led L.A. in every offensive category during that stretch?  Lamar Odom.

He would be a godsend to the T' Wolves - I'm going to keep my fingers crossed!