There is a lot of speculation as to what the Vikings will do in the off season regarding their head coaching position.

There are many Vikings fans that want the teams’ owners to bring in a big name as coach.  You know the cast of characters: John Gruden, Bill Cowher, even George Seifert – hey, all three of those guys have Super Bowl rings, you can’t debate that.

But, I have a funny feeling that the guy we have right now as coach is the right guy.

There are a few real good reasons why the Vikings should remove the “interim” from Coach Leslie Frazier’s name, and sign him to a multi-year deal to coach the team.

There is an old saying in football - ”winning is contagious”.  Leslie Frazier has been a winner for a long time.  He was a standout defensive back at Alcorn State, and then was drafted by the Chicago Bears.  He won a Super Bowl ring and led the Bears in interceptions during the ’85 season.  Ironically, he suffered a career ending injury during Super Bowl XX – but that’s when his coaching dream began.

Frazier has certainly had some of the best football minds in recent years rub off on him, especially defensive minds.  He played for, and learned from, Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan in Chicago.  He was also hired as a defensive coach by Andy Reid and Tony Dungy.  He is best friends with, and on a similar career path to, Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin, another Super Bowl champ, who just a few years ago was the Vikings Defensive Coordinator himself.

Coach Frazier stands at 3-1 as the Vikings “interim” head coach with four games left.  He is an ‘old school’ type that believes in winning with defense and by running the football.  This is the perfect formula for a team with a dominating running back like Adrian Peterson.

The Vikings are finishing strong and Coach Frazier could lead the Vikings to great things in the near future.

I just hope he's given the opportunity.