Last night the Timberwolves lost to the Lakers, which should come as no surprise to anyone following the team. The Wolves were outscored by16 in the second half to blow a five point halftime lead.

I thought the Wolves would be better than this coming in to the season. In NO way did I think they'd compete for a playoff spot, but to only have 14 wins at this point is embarrassing. They've blown numerous fourth quarter leads this season, too many to even count.

My hope is that the old sports adage holds true when rebuilding a franchise.

First season the team bottoms out (09-10) , second season the team still loses, but losses more close, competitive games (this season). Third season the team figures out how to hold on to leads late in the game by learning from mistakes in the previous seasons (Lets pray next season!).

So far, I'm holding onto hope that the Wolves seem to be right on schedule.