Kevin Love recorded his 52nd straight double-double last night at Target Center. He received a standing ovation from the crowd after breaking the record.

In a season where the Wolves have not faired well, it's a cool aspect to follow as a fan.

Some people argue that Love wouldn't put up these numbers if he were on a better team. I have to disagree with that because every team that plays the Wolves knows that Love is their best player. Knowing that nobody has been able to stop him on a nightly basis. Yes, I know that he has had some 12 point, 10 rebounds game, but he's also had plenty of 20 point, 15 rebound games. He works hard on the glass and can out-rebound most anyone in the league.

Put him on a contending team and he would clean up the boards and get plenty of put back points. His point totals would dip, but he would still be a 13-15 ppg guy, and his rebounds would still be right around 12-13.

Last time I checked averaging a double-double for the season would make someone a very good NBA player. He would fit in well on a team in contention.