As the NCAA officially opens play in the Men's College Basketball tournament this evening, I sit and ask myself -- does anyone care about the games tonight?

My response to that question is NO! Unless you're a fan of the schools that are participating tonight, you don't give a rip.

How many people could possibly want to watch UNC-Ashville battle it out with Arkansas Little-Rock, to see the winner get crushed by a number one seed? Even the 11 versus 11 match up is not interesting.

The NCAA changed the name to "First Round" and now created a "Third Round" before the Sweet 16. Why are they going to such lengths to wreck a perfectly good system that had 65 teams? It makes zero sense to the fans of college basketball, and it completely throws off people filling out brackets.

But it makes "cents" to the NCAA because it comes down to the corporate aspect of it, and to make a dollar is always at the heart of a decision like this.

They don't care what the general public thinks, otherwise we'd have a playoff in college football.

Even by adding more teams, the committee left out teams that were deserving of a tournament bid, and chose teams that did not. Eliminating controversy was supposed to be the point of adding three more teams. Turns out it led to just as much controversy as in years past.

Jay Bilas of ESPN was more animated than I'd ever seen him on Selection Sunday about the teams chosen to participate. Note to the NCAA, stop ruining the best playoff system in the sports!

Adding more teams is a recipe for disaster.

To quote Ranch Wilder from Angels in the Outfield, "Easy Wally, less is more."