I have done a complete 180 on this one, for sure.

Last week, and for much of this season really, I have been hyping up Oklahoma City, and not giving much credit to the Miami Heat.  And now, here they are, meeting in the NBA Finals.

The Thunder have been super-impressive this post season - making short work of the; Mavs, Lakers, and Spurs - the three teams that have ruled the Western Conference for @ 15 years.  Kevin Durant has been unstoppable at times, in Michael Jordan fashion.  They have the super point guard, and all the role players.  They have not lost a home game yet, in this year's playoffs.  It appears to be their time.

On the other hand, the high profile Miami Heat, struggled with the up and coming Indiana Pacers in the Eastern semis - then faced two elimination games at the hands of the Boston Celtics.  The Heat have survived the Eastern Conference, and now are where most thought they would be.

Most experts favor Oklahoma City in this match-up for the championship.

I, on the other hand, am leaning towards the Heat!

Miami has a lot more experience than OKC.  I understand that doesn't mean all that much - but only Kendrick Perkins and Derek Fisher have any significant finals experience for the Thunder - as opposed to Lebron and D. Wade - who will each be playing in their third Finals series.  Shane Battier will give them good minutes, and  Mario Chalmers will score, is clutch, and do a better defensive job on Russell Westbrook, than many may think.

Speaking of Westbrook - he is the Thunder's #2 option - and a huge part of what they do.  The Heat's #2 option, is D. Wade.  Advantage Miami.  The Thunder have gotten away with Westbrook's wild inconsistency so far, but his;  shot selection, decision making, and overall court demeanor - can be quite 'head-scratching' at times.  I have a feeling that Lebron, among others, will be in his head - the way he likes to be in the heads of others.  There will be a lot of trash talking in this series.

And let's not forget that OKC has gotten pretty lucky this postseason.  They were badly outplayed, but still managed to win at least 6 games so far in the playoffs. (Games 1,2 vs. DAL / Games 2,4,5 vs LAL / Game 6 vs SA).  That won't happen against Miami.

I predict that King James gets his ring, before the young Thunder do.

Heat in 6, and they will win game 1 in OKC tomorrow!