We don't even know if we are going to HAVE football this fall, but the draft leaves us with eternal hope.  To me, the draft in April, is always the first sign of the upcoming football season.  I get fired up, no doubt.  Every team has reason to be optimistic on draft day.  Many executives consider draft day the most important day of the entire football year.

I am on record as saying I DO NOT want the Vikings to draft a quarterback with that 12th pick.  There are several defensive players, a few offensive linemen, and some receivers (I don't trust Percy Harvin) that would be very helpful, impactful players.

The buzz around Winter Park, though, is all about the QB's.  There is much speculation that the Vikings are in love with Jake Locker, from Washington.  I am PRAYING that this is not true.  A guy with an embarrassing win/loss record, AND terrible statistics against COLLEGE COMPETION - is not what I want in my franchise QB.  He's athletic, but honestly, not very bright.  He made horrible decisions on the field, and he is NOT an accurate passer.  He should've shredded the Pac 10 - instead he was BELOW AVERAGE.  BELOW, people, BELOW average.  We don't need another one of those in purple.

Ryan Mallett is my guy.  I think he'll eventually prove to be the best QB out of this draft.  So what if he was cocky, and maybe had attitude problems at times in college.  He's a physical stud, period.  But best of all - he wants to be great.  He loves to work out, he loves practice, all of his teammates say he's a great guy.  He loves football.  And he is super motivated to prove his doubters wrong, in the NFL.

Remember, he was recruited by everyone in the nation , out of high school.  He went to Michigan, then left, and single-handedly made Arkansas a potential national championship team.  He's clutch, too, engineering 6 4th quarter comebacks in his brief college career.

Cam Newton is a bust, Blaine Gabbert will be OK - but Ryan Mallett is the one we want, Vikes fans.  Trust me.