Fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves should pay close attention to what is currently going on in Sacramento.  The Kings ownership wants to move the team, and has wanted to for quite some time.

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who himself was a terrific point guard in the NBA for several years, is trying to save the team.  He is from Sacramento, and grew up watching the Kings.  This is close to his heart, of the utmost importance.  But that might not be nearly enough.

Unless the Kings get a new arena, they are moving, period.  The city, it's fans, and it's local politicians, have a year to figure it out.  They will play next season in Sacramento, but after that, all bets are off.

How do the T'Wolves factor in all of this?  I'll explain.

The Kings have been in Sacramento for almost 40 years.  Though they have never won an NBA championship since moving there, they do have a significant history.  They sell out every game, whether the team is good, or not.

The T' Wolves have no 'arena' issue, but they have plenty of other ones.  The team is horrible.  The fan base is microscopic.  The home attendance, unless LeBron or Kobe are in town, is embarrassing.  Don't think that the owners of this club haven't thought about brighter horizons, in another town.

The sad thing is, most of Minnesota wouldn't miss the T' Wolves......until they're gone.  And if they do leave, do you think we'll EVER get another pro basketball team in Minnesota?  Not in this lifetime.

Here's hoping we get that #1 pick - oh, and that David Kahn doesn't screw it up somehow.